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god who fucking cares. who fucking cares. who fucking cares. everyone stop being offended and mad over the smallest shit ever. ask urself who the fuck fucking cares


trying to bang with ur boo while ur parent in the other room



Life goal: to be an extra in a porno

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Most brilliant anti-feminist quote I have read to date.

This is fucking perfect.

When young women say no to feminism they must not know what ‘feminism’ means.

Feminists go to argument is “oh they dislike it? Are opposed to it? they must not know what it is, silly ignorant girls” when not only is the person tweeting this a Feminist, but the people supporting it understand feminism and what it is currently doing and has become.

You’re 16, you shouldn’t really say “when young women” because you yourself are still young and may not fully comprehend why people are against it. instead of feeling like you must prove an antifeminist or egalitarian wrong about feminism, how about taking the criticism and trying to better your ideology/movement and the people who are the loudest at representing it, I.E misandry-mermaid, lookatthisfuckingoppressor, hitchedupkid yknow.

Okay let me tell you a thing
First off, I’m 17. I know my bio says 16 but I haven’t updated it. Second, I don’t see why the fuck that matters. My age has nothing to do with what I’ve seen, experienced, an understand. I know what real feminism should be and my whole point here is that PEOPLE NEED TO EDUCATE THEMSELVES on what feminism is!!! There will always be man-haters calling themselves feminists, just as there will be murderers calling themselves heroes. That minority does not define the word. Feminism is the idea that women are people. Not that they are superior, not that men are monsters, that women should be EQUAL to men! If a woman doesn’t agree with that then she’s taking a huge step back. I apologize if the volume of our cries outweighs the violence of our oppressors but we, as true feminists, as women, demand to be heard.

wow. very old. 17. yes wow. (point stands)

how am i taking a step back for not aligning myself with feminism and refusing to identify as one? just so you know modern feminism hasn’t given us women any of the rights we currently enjoy. so don’t bother trying to take credit for that. i am equal to a man. I never in my whole life felt i was less. i will continue to work for that i want and i know the wage gap isn’t real. if it occurs, you can sue. feminism isn’t necessary in the U.S.

we, the people against modern(3rd wave) feminism, are already educated, you however need to catch up.

and yeah your little idea of feminism doesn’t matter

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Nash Grier deleted his tumblr and someone’s already hoarded his url and the only thing on it now is a picture of a naked Gus Sorola drinking beer while sitting on a chair in a corner. I’m fucking pissing myself over here.


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